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Dollar Menu Dare VIDEOS!

Here they are....finally! :woohoo:

Thanks to the contestants for doing this crazy dare, and thanks to all the generous members who added to the prize pot. :clap:

The poll will end 48 hours from the time of this post.

Naga Chomper
part 2


somebody bump please

The winner is Naga Chomper with 31 votes.
THE BIZ came in second with 22 votes.
And habaneroheat81 finished third with 4 votes.

I can't stop the poll without closing the topic, so it will remain open for comments, but voting no longer counts.
Ok, one video down. Naga, you're the man. Calm demeanor, clearly I some discomfort. Good description on the mountain lion trying to claw its way out of your throat.

Get through the night ok?

Great job!
Damn HH - you may have set a record for most glasses of water in 10 mins. :rofl:

That looked pretty painful. I especially liked how the 2nd burger seemed to get heavier & heavier as you got through it. Time between bites slowed, and when it got to like 2-3 bites you actual out it down a couple times. Awesome.