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DONNE SALI same as Siling-labuyo ???

I guess you would have to grow them both to know!

and I will ask you,, how are they different from Aji Chuncho, Ndungu, Malagueta PI 596059, etc, etc,,,,,
Many peppers look similar, but are very different .

IMO Donne is the hottest of the bunch!


Guam Boonie

Girlfriends family is from Guam. I need to get on them to get me seeds from wild plants in the jungle. There have been a couple threads here. A few members have said Donne Sali and Guam Boonies are different. I have 7 plants currently growing from seeds of a "Boonie" plant. Also growing Aji Chuncho that wayright mentioned. Curious to see how close those are.
pr0digal_son is correct,their is a differrence between the Guam boonie pepper and the donne Sali,ive just recently came across the true Sali its as small as a grain of rice. it can even come half the size of a grain,usually one one or two seeds per pod its really amall but packs a good amount of heat.i got lucky enuff to find one and got a few dried pods, not as much as id like to get, although it was growing near a couple of other pepper plants am hoping that wen i harvest that it wont be a hybrid. so i could share with u guys some of the true donne Sali.Texasrockgarden labuyo and Guam boonies although may have similarites they are different.

Thanks B.Q
To show how similar some frut's are, I dug up a few pics from last year!

Will the real Donne Sali please stand up!! :cool:

The Ndungu may be the most similar to the Boonies Prodigal Son showed us.

The Malagueta!

The Aji Chuncho is the tiniest of any Frut I have grown! I love em!!

Check out the flower on PI 594141

A CGN 17020

And my favorite pepper! Donne Sali!

From what I remember they are all in the species C. frutescens, so they will exhibit some similarities but are clearly different peppers like Wayright (a.k.a. Mr. Know-It-All) mentioned :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
LMAO...Thanks for the photos.

Until I grow them and learn the differences I will just have to trust that I am sold the correct seeds or plants.

Last year I grew Bhut, Lemms Italian, Jumbo and Grande Jalapenos and Cajun Bells. I canned a couple dozen pints of the Jalapenos. I used Jalapenos and Bhuts for canned salsa and sauces. I found the Bhuts heat cooks away fast but the flavor is good.
Malagueta looks similar to my Boonies. They all do really. The Boonie I grew last year was from a plant I got from CCN. I guess I can't say 100% they are true.Guess I have to grow them all next year. More in my heat range anyways.
I bought some guam boonie plants last year from chileplants.com. Planted in 3 locations because I wanted at least one to work. Well one grew 4 ft tall, think woody trunk, lots of flowers but only a half dozen turned into peppers and never really matured. I love in SoCal so hot and dry. Do they prefer a moister environment? Anyone have seeds to share?

I want the true boonie chile, tried others but they don't disintegrate in marinades like the boonie does, think akin I think.