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Dorset Naga Pods Starting Out Purple?

So I've been on vacation to Florida for the past month, gave my plants to my parents to look after while I was away.
Today I went round for a peak and noticed that my Dorset Naga has ALOT of pods of various sizes but the smallest and newest mostly all have a purple shade to them. Is this normal?
I know it's 100% a Naga as I had a couple of small early season pods ripen up about 2 months ago.
I took a couple of pics on my phone but they're not great quality. The upright one on the left perplexes me.

And on the very same plant, big long gnarly looking pods.
Thanks man, they seem to go their normal green as they grow so I'm not too worried.
You might notice the leaves seen quite pale, it's been like that for a good whole and still pumping out fruit, but I'm a bit concerned. I'm not sure if it's nitrogen, magnesium or sulphur. Added some high Nitrogen ferts and old egg shells, we'll soon see!