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Dot Com Super Hot 2018 GLOG

1st seedlings Started in the last two weeks or so. Sprouted- Douglah, Barrackapore, Dorset, Guwahati, and three others not sprouted yet- bih jolokia, morich & yellow brain strain, that may or may not sprout.

there have been so many thunderstorms/scattered showers forecast the last month I couldn’t Even put them outside on the balcony where they grow best because I’m at work and I can’t run home and pull them inside of a thunderstorm comes. Plus there’s full sun in the morning that’s too strong for them. Hope I get some pods off these. without having to put them under grow light in the fall

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Been having a bad end- of- the- season climate. Had to have my plants indoors the last month because of a persistent heat wave and no shade. Haven’t had one pod develop until I looked and saw this so I may get at least one pod out of the four plants

Plants are trying really hard to flower now

Douglah (does have one good- sized pod)








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Near, end- of- the- season, pic up my 4 plants. The one in the middle is basil so I don’t count that one. I bought a light to overwinter the second one from the right which is a Barrackpore



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Hey David, good luck getting that Barrakapore to pod up.
They are an awesome pepper. The powder I have made
from them just rocks!