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Downriver 2022 - Garden Adventures


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This tomato is Olga's Round Yellow Chicken. This is an heirloom from Siberia, Now I agree, it is round. It's NOT yellow (it's orange) and I have no idea what it's got to do with a chicken lol. But, checking around, this is what it's supposed to look like. Good flavor. Nice tomato!

Tomato - Olgas Rnd Yellow Chicken IMG_20220902_155154923.jpg Tomato - Olgas Rnd Yellow Chicken IMG_20220827_130216855 - Copy.jpg Tomato - Olgas Rnd Yellow Chicken IMG_20220827_130256700 - Copy.jpg


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And of course, you haven't had a tomato until you've eaten a 'Jersey tomato. Just ask anyone from New Jersey lol. Although forever debatable, most folks think it is none other than......

Rutger's! Great tasting tomato.

Tomato - Rutgers IMG_20220827_130955388 - Copy.jpg Tomato - Rutgers IMG_20220827_131054069 - Copy.jpg


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Wow, that seller was prompt in dumping the fault on your side of the fence! Great customer service...

Sadly, there are businesses that follow a model in which customers = burden.

Rutger's! Great tasting tomato

I grew Rutgers last year and I liked their taste. I even didn't know the variety, but was offered seeds as freebies.