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Downriver 2023 - Garden Adventures


Well, it's March again and about time to start this Glog as well. My intent is to cover all things garden, sans peppers. Peppers may appear here occasionally, but they will be the star in the Downriver 2023 - Pepper Time Glog.

So, as in years past, I've done nothing to prep the garden this year. The weather forecast for the rest of March isn't looking to hot, literally, so it's gonna be at least a few weeks before I can make any meaningful progress. Here's what I'm starting with. I'm not too worried - I have until at least mid-May before it'll be safe to plant out.

More to come.

East side, West side
Garden - East side IMG_20230228_163227853.jpg Garden - West side IMG_20230228_163237659.jpg
So, here's the list of this year's tomatoes, hopefully. The seeds for a few are over 10 years old, so wish me luck. Planted them yesterday. Generally speaking, I plan on growing 2-3 of each. We'll see how things develop.

Tomato - 2023.jpg
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We had a beautiful day here last week, and I was able to weed, fertilize and mulch the blueberries. Now they're ready to EXPLODE with berries this year, lol. They're just starting to show leaf buds, so it'll be a little while. πŸ™‚

Blueberries mulched IMG_20230323_163402558.jpg
I prepped a row for Sugar Snap Peas a few days ago. I didn't plant yet because they're predicting freezing temps the next couple days. Hopefully I'll get them planted by this weekend.

Now I need to prep the raised beds. Have some collards and cabbage started and they need to get planted out.

Cabbage Collards IMG_20230325_161728486_BURST001.jpg
Managed to weed the left side of the trellises and get two kinds of sugar snap peas planted. One is my ole standby - Super Sugar Snap. The other is a new-to-me called Sugar Daddy. Hopefully we'll get some production before the brutal heat takes them out. The weeds on the right side is what it looked like on the left, before I cleared them (now they're gone as well)

Weeding IMG_20230401_161859637.jpg
Since the deer kept eating the the thornless blackberry vines relentlessly for 5-6 years, I decided to move them inside the garden fence. I think this was two summers ago. Then I just left them alone to recover. Fast forward to this year. It's time to clean them up and install a support system.

It took a few days to get the weeding done, then another couple to get the trellis installed and the canes attached. It's done now, so they better produce some berries this year, lol.

Blackberries IMG_20230228_163551572.jpg Blackberries IMG_20230416_164430543~2.jpg
During the blackberry makeover, I found a few canes who's tips had rooted. I tried to dig them gently and see if I could save them. I potted them up, and it looks like most will make it. We lost a few of the original plants during the move to the garden, so I'll use these to fill in the gaps.

Blackberries rooting IMG_20230413_161557050.jpg Blackberries rooting IMG_20230413_161614860.jpg