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Druknft on Monday.

Man, I wish. I haven't had a beer since Sunday. I started getting a brutal sore throat and nasty cough on Monday afternoon, and it has been wrecking me since. Maybe a nip of grandpas old cough medicine might help me out a bit...probably not though.


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Scoville DeVille said:
I'm off until the 4th. Grouted the last shower for the year today. Brought our trailer home on icy roads (35 miles). 
And we're done.
hhwiskey me another jjwiskey!@!!
Aww hell yes!


I think I'll turn the last quarter of my coffee into an iced bourbon beverage with some maple sizzurp and a squirt of Mexican bitters ...


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SavinaRed said:
I might have to host an event for THP pepperheads at my house next summer/fall. A BBQ, firepit going, good food, good music, good people and a good time where you can crash here if necessary. You guys would be a riot to hang with lol....................
PS- I'll have my pizza oven done by then in my yard. :)


Im wine-ing, and still working through next week.