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for-sale Early Peppers available

I have some early hot peppers available. It would be a mixed box with the majority of Fatalii and Coyote Zan White.
I could also include some Dragon Toe peppers and various NU-Mex Chilies if requested.
The Fataliis are Habanero+ heat and are sweet.
The Coyotes are close to Habanero heat and very sweet.
I can only fill a couple of boxes now but will have a variety available later in the month.
$25 SFRB shipped. Please PM if interested.


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My varieties are slowly expanding. A few mixed boxes available with---
Fatalii, Coyote Tooth, Ghostly Jalapeno, Granda Seasoning, Fish Pepper, Peach Bullet, Paper Lantern Habanero, Dragon Toe.
$25 SFRB Shipped. Please PM if interested.
I now have some additional varieties: Bloody Riot orange, Clavo Peach, Aji Chombo, Yellow Reaper, JA Mushroom, Scotch Brain.
Mixed Boxes.