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Ebay seeds not growing true.... SHOCKER

So when I started last year I bought three variety of seeds from the best place on earth to get them, Ebay.
(JK guys calm down).
Anyways seedling tray was knocked over and everything was all mixed up. Reaper, Chocolate Habanero, and White Habanero are what they are supposedly supposed to be.. Now Im not even sure if its any of the three.
PLEASE people do not tell me that it looks like I have a F-ing orange habanero plant. The reason I started all this was because of how tired I am of the orange habanero.
If it is then lie to me. Thank you.
Here is the most mature pod as of now
Pic of the pods just starting

What do you think guys still too soon?
Last year I ordered a lot on ebay as I was trying to be cheap.  I actually had really good results from some of the vendors, and really bad from others.  Hopefully you picked one of the better ones.  Good luck with you plants.   
Naga Chomper said:
I'd take a stab at saying they probably aren't going to be orange habs. Too bumpy for those. Now, as for what they actually are, time is needed. The early pods from reaper plants often don't form tails, so who knows. 
Hang in there.
This is good news. Now would you agree that it's safe to say I can rule out white hab?
Not orange habaneros.
hard to make any kind of definitive id, but I am going to go as far as saying, considering the source of purchase, you are not going to be completely disappointed . In fact, it looks like you may have done good, considering.
Top one look kinda brainstrainish at first glance.
Last picture looks habanero, you ordered white n chocolate so willing to bet its one of the two.  Top photo looks reaperish, hard to tell this early but see no reason to doubt it is a Carolina Reaper.  Photo in the middle I would not look at and think reaper unless I was told it was either reaper or habanero.  Then I would lean towards Reaper.

Here is the thing about Ebay, I have had very good results / luck buying things which aren't all that rare.  If you find Death Strain, Jigsaw, Chocolate Bhutlah or another really odd ball listed there then chances are it is not what it claims to be.  But things which are otherwise regularly available aren't lied about all that often as far as I can tell.

You will find mistakes everywhere.  I recall when folk claimed Carolina Reaper seed purchased from Puckerbutt turned out to be habanero and ghost pepper like rather than having that primo look.  Could have been error at Puckerbutt but could also be user error.

A few folk have expressed the idea that cross pollination will not change the appearance of the pepper pods on that plant.  I disagree.  I think it wont change all the peppers on a plant, but a pod or two here and there that an insect pollinated might result in the odd pod.  Have intentionally crossed and got odd pods, but not enough that I can be sure the dna did not come from the parent.  Sometimes peppers just throw odd pods.

So thinking you will probably be happy when they ripen.
ajdrew said:
Sometimes peppers just throw odd pods.
I think that is more the case, or my plants would have all kinds of different pods on them, especially in my grows where there are most times several hundred different pepper varieties all easily accessible to pollinating insects. With your theory, I would never get what I planted.
The one problem with those photos is there the first set of pods.. First pods have a habit of not even looking similar to the second or other ongoing pods that set later.. I have a peach bhut plant whos first pods look identical to that top one but all the further sets had the traditional long bent pods...
I have had morugas set pods that look like the bottom photo on first sets.. then go all matte and rough and dome shaped on the secondary's. All that being said the first and second pods could be reapers.. The bottom could be chocolate Hab... Chocolate and white habs are probably the two shiniest habs you can get for surface texture so I would find it hard that the first and second photos are either..
Capcon, I don't know what all plants will have fruit that changes with cross pollination but I know some do.  I know for sure that if you grow cantaloup next to cucumber you get cucaloup.  Intentionally crossing peppers, I have sure seen some weird pods that did not look like I would expect from the Mama.  However, can not be 100% sure of anyone's dna.

I think Kraken is the best person for this topic cause he loves crossing.  So Kraken, if you cross polinate a plant can that plant throw odd pods as a result of the cross or will it be shown in its next generation?  I think I have observed odd pods on the mama plant, not pods that look like the next generation but not what I would expect from mama.  Thing is, havent done enough crossing to know for sure it wasnt weird original mama dna.

Willard, yes but seed sites can control their own reviews.  I think the same is true of almost any place you might purchase seeds.  If nobody else in the world has the thing, then chances are neither do they.  I keep googling Death Strain because I know someone is going to do what your meme implies.  Not sure why I care but betting they will be from China.
Took a few pics of another pod starting that also has a point.

Here is a pic of the actual plant. 

And here are pods from a totally different plant but also from ebay. These to me seem to look more like chocolate habanero

Those bottom two look exactly like Chocolate Habs.. The top 3 photos 'DO' look like there heading towards Reapers but could also be moruga's, however that next pod and the plant do look very reaperish. The more pods that reaper gets.. the closer to more 'official' looking pods you will most likely find.
I had pods that looked very similar last year and some suggested chocolate habs sadly being in England the weather hit and i never had a chance to let them fully ripen. Here is a pic of mine.

KrakenPeppers said:
Those bottom two look exactly like Chocolate Habs.. The top 3 photos 'DO' look like there heading towards Reapers but could also be moruga's, however that next pod and the plant do look very reaperish. The more pods that reaper gets.. the closer to more 'official' looking pods you will most likely find.

Just to be clear the last two pics are from a different plant that I was pretty sure was chocolate habs.

So that does make me wonder if they are in fact reapers. Still a waiting game on the color change. Thanks for the help.