Embedding videos on iPhone in "Desktop" mode?

Like the title says, on iPhone in Desktop/Full Version (or whatever) mode, not "Mobile" mode.

I understand there's more "options" when you're logged in on a PC (from what I've heard, anyway). I think Boss said that the "Full Editor" isn't actually as "full" on a mobile device, but...

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to embed a video (from YouTube). It's not as simple as copying and pasting the link - "https://".... (I've tried). But, it's funny because I've had people quote posts I've made with the link to a video, and in their quote, the video shows up embedded.

Any idea why, or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Maybe it's just not an option on an iPhone because there's not a "full" editor (?)

Thanks in advance!

I'll try one now:


Edit: ^See? It's just the link
I have to use the desktop to post YT and have it show right.
Or, back, and grab the link to it from Google without going to it - if that makes sense ...
When you go to YT on a mobile device, the links are like mobile.youtube.com or m.youtube.com and THP doesn't parse those out and recognize them as YT's ..

The Hot Pepper

When you paste, paste it is plain text. It will be an option in your right click (in Windows it is). That should work, because it won't be pasting the code, which is hyperlink code attached to the text.

The Hot Pepper

You can also try removing the 

 from the top of the URL.
What do you mean "plain text?"

And how the hell do you "right click" on a phone? Mine didn't come with a mouse attachment :)