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Epic Hot Pepper Harvest Mistake!

I was at a friends house years ago and he had some kind of really hot extract to make jerky. He asked me to try it so I took the bottle in my LEFT hand, dabbed my RIGHT pointer finger on the open bottle top and tasted it. It was hot.

Few minutes later I take my LEFT pointer finger and thumb and run them underneath my eyes to wipe sweat away. I feel it start to tingle almost immediately. I notice the tingle start to burn and creepy north into my eyes. It gets in both of my eyes and all of a sudden I cant open them without searing pain.

At this point we are sitting in his living room so my only option is to stand up and ask one of them to lead me into the kitchen where I rinse and wash my face under the sink for 15 minutes. Ill never do that again.
Platex Living Gloves at Walmart are about $3 and they cover part of your forearm too. I got a pack of Grease Monkey heavy duty 6mil nitrile gloves too. Them cheap thin latex gloves dont cut it when it comes to supers. I can taste it on my finger tips if i use medical type latex gloves. The oil seeps through them and you wont know it until you touch something sensitive. A hot Willie dont go away fast no matter how you try to wash it off.
You can get these at lots of places and the price it right https://www.walmart.com/ip/Grease-Monkey-Traction-Grip-Nitrile-Disposable-Glove-50-Count/51643219
My first test with them appears to be a success.
If you play with fire you WILL get burned. Anyone that has never had that experience at least a little hasn't handled many chili peppers. I have no doubt I'll have a few more if those in my life.
Another little twist of the common harvest mistake:
I harvested a few different peppers which ripened simultaneously. 2 pc. of NuMex Suave Red, a bunch of Red Savinas, another bunch of Habanero Red and several other chillies. I always have the problem that my food preparations are not met with great enthusiasm, recently. I suspect a massive increase in capsaicin tolerance on my side is the reason. Stuff I consider not even tickling is considered to be "too hot" by my non-chilihead friends. Oh well.
So, I intended to make some Habanero cheese from the NuMex (which are close to no heat, IMHO) for my regular buddies. I weighed all my chillies and threw them in the fridge. Next day I got them out and proceeded to de-seed most of them. I suddenly realized that I had the NuMex mixed up with Red Savinas and Habanero Red.
I had to try about 15 Savinas and hot Habaneros until I finally got those 2 NuMex separated. Yeah, everything burned for quite a while.