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Everything i know about the almighty PHANTOM

So I received these seeds from Ian Stewart in the UK. Apparently he struck a deal with a fella on fb who lives in the islands of Trinidad. Ian was looking for new varieties, to get away from the run of the mill pods, that are easily found and was given these along with some other cool stuff. Now you may have seen some from the UK growers (hats off to you guys)! Anyhow him and I worked out some good trades and was sent these in the package. He told me he had no clue what they were and they had just decided not to grow them themselves. There is no information anywhere on these so I decided to have them tested and they came back at a whopping 1,215,000 shu! Yeah, yeah.. I know not the hottest in the world but definitely hot enough to ruin your day along with GREAT FLAVOR! I also sent pods to Brad and have another Review coming from Jason Reilly. Sorry I don't know any more but this video speaks for its self!!

Enjoy and I will be selling seeds on here and fb this fall.

Mike Hess
Been shopping for my kids back to school cloths with my wife.  She has been trying to teach me about clashing colors.  That yellow plastic cup and your red face clash.  Seriously, watching your face change colors says it all.