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Family needing prayers, warm wishes and thoughts, good Karma

Labor Day weekend my son, from my first marriage, called to let me know that after falling and getting a concussion on that Saturday, then having 2 heart attacks on the following Monday, his mom had been taken in to surgery to put some stints in to allow her to gain strength for the bypass surgery she needed. She never came out of the surgery. The funeral is this afternoon at 2:00. The family is taking it pretty hard, she was only 46, especially her daughter. This has completely blindsided them. My son is trying to stand strong for them and hopefully is taking time to morn himself but it's hard to say . Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare to do the hardest part, laying her to her final rest and then trying to make peace with it and finding their way back to normal life.



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My condolences.  Thoughts and prayers to your family RM.  
Sending strength and love to you and your family brother!! May your lives be filled with happy memories to help ease the pain of loss.