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Fatali Gourmet Jigsaw

Do I see a recurring theme in pepper land ?

- we have the hottest pepper but we can't prove it... (iow it fell through measuring)
- it is stable (except the ones that ain't :D)


So this is once again from my fellow swedish growing friend. First pod to be posted here?

Per se is not bad to have the hottest pepper in the world, but you need to be professional about it.

Iow... First kill the bear and then sell its skin (not the other way around)



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Sorry for the blurry photo, I'll get a better shot when things dry out a little, but here's what my one and only Jigsaw plant is producing.  They don't look quite like others, but I like the looks.  The shape may change as it puts on more pods.
Dulac said:
What a terrible name. It looks like a really good pepper though. "The hottest in the world" claims are out of hand. At least it drives people to create new varieties. Nobody gets excited about a new cayenne breed, lol.
I am very interested in a new strain of cayenne :)


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I posted some pictures of my plant's pods over in my glog.  They start at the third picture down in that post.  (I reread the site rules on cross-posting, so I'm only providing a link here.)