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favorite Favorite Thai pepper

What is your favorite thai pepper? I will be growing more of these next year because I think they make good powders.
I would like to grow the one's with the best flavor...
i would say that if i had a favorite Thai it might be either Thai Yellow or
Ot Chi Thien (Vietnamese) both are also easy to grow and very prolific
they both make great powder taste great too!!
hope this helps
thanks your friend Joe
Thai Dragon.
Hard to kill, produces even in a small pot, nice heat, and that great "Chinese food" flavor.
Orange Thai and Prik Kee Noo are my favs so far.
Orange Thai has probably the best flavor, PKN is the hottest i've tried.
This year i'm growing also Prik Kee Noo Suan (very small pods and plants, different from the 'normal' Prik Kee Noo), Thai Garden Birdseed (this one is a little late, still waiting for the first ripe pod, but it's growing like a big tree, very impressive) and a mistery one (similar to Thai Hot).
My answer was only based on what I grow, most of these will not make the 2014 list.
  • Rooster Spur
  • Thai #00419-2551 F1 Hybrid
  • Thai #00554-2553 F1 Hybrid
  • Thai (2005) Large Red
  • Thai Cross (Orange)
  • Thai Dragon
  • Thai Hazelwood
  • Thai Norcal
  • Thai Orange
  • Thai Prik Jinda
  • Thai Prik Key GNU - Chaiprakarn F1
  • Thai Prik Key GNU - SUAN
  • Thai Prik Kjinda Dang
  • Thai Prik NUM
  • Thai Prik York
  • Thai Prikkinu Pedsiam F1 Hybrid
  • Thai Red
  • Thai Yellow
  • Thai Hot
The 3 I underlined are also great and may make a 2014 appearance. 
Thanks for the replies.  I do have orange thai that I've never grown, but will next year.  I also have rooster spur I grew this year and
it's on 2014 grow list.  I'll do red thai also and yellow if I can find it.