flavor Favorite varieties with lots of flavor? Looking to start growing again

Been out of the game for a hot minute. Looking to grow probably 6-10 plants here in Las Vegas. I also own an aero garden which I could possibly grow something small in too. What do you guys think? My all time favorite is MoA scotch bonnet, but if there are very mild peppers or even sweet flavorful peppers I'd be quite interested. I really like the chinense flavor of the SB and have always wanted to try things like Grenada seasoning which have little to no heat. I will likely be ordering 6 plants from chileplants.com just to get the heads start soon and then looking for seeds somehow of others. All mine that I've tried to sprout did nothing, sans a single aji Jobito which I neglected while on vacation and it died. thanks for your input!
@BigB Welcome back. I think we all take a break once in a while, for various reasons. What's important is you came back! That's what THP Family is all about.

Last year was a crazy year for me (check out my growlog lol). Anyway, I have some OP seeds from 2021 you might be interested in. I see you already looked (begged) in the P. Dreadie thread lol. I have those. Also check out the Purple Thunder grow and the 2021 XL Antep Aci Dolma Growdown thread. PT will light your fire, but the Mystery version I grew is also beautiful. The Antep is a nice, thick-walled pepper with a nice little spice to it. There's others I grew, I just don't recall all of them at the moment. Anyway, read through My 2021 Glog and let me know if anything catches your eye.
If youre looking for flavor without spice go with the bell pepper. But not any, go with the lady bell pepper. you can eat it at all stages of ripening and it has a sweetness to it. this is my favorate pepper. you can also go with the bannana pepper. it is super sweet, they are good when pickled, sliced in rings, raw or stuffed! anaheim peppers are mild peppers with a bright tangy crunch when raw or a light super sweetness when roasted. they are big and can be stuffed and can take place of bell peppers for recipes that call for heat. there is also cherry peppers. cherry peppers are a sweet pepper with a little heat. they are small but can pack a real punch for sugary sweetness unlike all the other peppers but with a little after burn. the sweetness is definetly worth the burn. cherry peppers are awesome for roasting. charring the outer skin brings out another earthy sweetness that is good. roasting and charring the cherry pepper, adding som olive oil and adding a soft cheese next to it is great for parties. the cubenelle pepper is a long sweet italian frying pepper. they‘re good with almost anything. there you go! my favorate sweet peppers!