for-sale Feeler: For Sale - Hydrofarm FLP48 T5 Designer 4ft 8-Tube System w/Bulbs

Hey All,
Since my addiction to LED lighting has grown, I've got this 8-bulb T5 light that I'd like to sell.
I've had it for a year, for seedling growth and indoor herb growing.
Looking for $145, shipping not included.  Because I don't have the original box, I will have the UPS Store professionally package this light for shipment.
Any takers?  Questions?
*** UPDATE ***
Instead of recreating the wheel, here is the info from the Hydrofarm's website on the FLP48:
Features - 
4 ft/8 lamp unit with two toggle switches allows the option to power 4 or 8 lamps
High performance faceted specular aluminum for better light distribution
May be daisy-chained together
Powder coated textured steel housing
Low profile
Hangs 2 ways—overhead & vertical
10' grounded power cord
Includes eight fluorescent 6400K, T5 tubes
And the specs:

Shipping Weight: 28.0 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 50.3L x 26.0W x 4.0H
Rated Wattage: 432
Bulb(s) Included?: Yes
Color Temp: 6400K
Warranty: 5 yr on ballast, 1 yr on workmanship & material
Rated Initial Lumens: 40,000
Base Type: T5
Voltage: 120
Frequency: 60Hz
Rated Amperage: 3.6A
Lastly, here are some of my pics:




Let me know if you have any specific questions.  I'd love to see this thing and get more LED lights, hahaha.  This all started with a pepper seed... now I can't stop!!
Dang this is very tempting! I've got 2 of the 4 light designer ones and so far are working great! Mind posting some pictures? Also what are the dimensions?