Ferment Give Away - Winner

Here it is - (much like my past contests) guess the winning number of the Illinois State Lottery Pick 3 game (no Fireball) for the Thursday, March 12th evening game.  Pick a number from 000 to 999  All picks must be posted to this by 8:00 CST on Thursday, March 12th.  In the event that no one gets the exact number, whomever guesses closest wins.  In the event of a tie, the person that guesses below the winning number will win.  1 entry per person.  Minimum of 50 posts to the forum required to enter.  Limited to United States only. I pay shipping.
Candied Jalapenos, Taco Sauce, Various Fermented Sauces (see my post on "Hot Sauce Making" for further details, and various powders/crushed peppers)  Good Luck and have fun.,