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Few peppers


Since "les saintes glaces" are over (period between 11-13th of May, after it's expected it won't be freezing anymore), I'm already put few of my peppers in bigger pots ready to be put outside as soon as the temperature will be high enough over night.
So here we have: Fatalii, Cayenne, peter pepper, habanada and sweet red pepper, others pots are tomatoes, chocolate bell pepper and gherkins.



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Peppers look pretty good. Honestly though the tomato to left, last photo looks like it wants a bigger pot and/or fertilizer. Would be a pain, but just sayin. Sticks out to me because I always tend to under fertilize plants, and peppers seem more forgiving with that then tomatoes.
Indeed this tomatoes plants is not feeling well. I was planning to do something about it but fruits are ripening and are tasty so I decided to let it be the way it is. It's the only plant that is "meh" others are all fine particularly my gherkins plants ... already harvest 4 jar and they are aging in vinegar + spice already.
Raputin said:
Indeed this tomatoes plants is not feeling well. I was planning to do something about it but fruits are ripening and are tasty so I decided to let it be the way it is.
Yeah, have done the same with a lot of tomato plants myself!
Just one, cayenne plants are full of peppers but they are still green. I think, I'll need to wait 2 more weeks before doing a bigger harvest.
One more small harvest, one cayenne and one sweet pepper des landes.
All the cayenne are full of pods (25-30 per plants right now), but only 2 have ripen for now but I should be able bigger pepper harvest in 2-3 weeks or something like that.

And for the eyes, Habanada pods.
Pili-pili, charapita and habanero chocolate don't have yet pods but I was late with them (outside only at mid-june) but they are well growing. Out of 18 plants 4 are without pods, so everything is going well I would say.

I'm already doing plans for next year and ordered some purple bhut jolokia and hainan yellow lanterns seeds. I'm planning to do a big scale up in term of numbers of plants :)


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Here is a good example on how nasty the sun can be. I had a fruits that got a bad sunburst so I decided to remove it from plants and open it to see. We can see that some seeds  become brown inside and the skin was thin where the wound is.

The upper part cut in half is very good looking in my opinion (of course this fruits has not even started to ripen so I won't eat it).


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Little update here.
All plants are fine so far, cayenne are the only one ripening right now others still need some time I believe. Due to the warm weather (38-40 degrees Celsius) I have a lot of flowers/pods drops every day ... I'm planning to use fertilizer to help them (Terra Aquatica by GHE pro organic as my local grow shop advice me to use), first round will be Wednesday (my next watering day according to my schedule).

Also, as I don't have super hot peppers I am starting some germination for next season. I will keep them under grow light during the winter. So it will be Moruga Scorpion (8 seeds), Purple Bhut Jolokia (9 seeds) and Hainan Yellow Lantern (7 seeds and not really a super hot).

I don't know if it's because of the heavy sun but Cayenne peppers are way hotter than the one I grew last year!


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