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Just got two people who want to buy some plants and seeds from me tomorrow,we live in the same town,but I never thought people would be as interested in peppers as I am. Looks like I'll have to start buying and building my seed collection to sell and start growing a lot more after this winter,can't wait! :P
chilli whisperer said:
Lol,this is the best hobby ever! No wait,growing peppers isn't a hobby,it's a lifestyle!
Just gonna say it.. that is exactly how I feel about cannabis. So much you can do to the plants and SO many varieties to chose from and breed with! And so many ways to grow them. I grow peppers on the side, they can be a lot of fun too.   :) Especially when your friend pays his brother in law to eat two full carolina reapers :) ... Peppers and cannabis are SUPER similar. Everything that can be used in one can be used in the other, methods and materials.
Both cases, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!