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seeds Finding my Zen Patience

I have 8 different pepper seeds in paper towels wanting to grow up someday to be big pepper plants. They have been sitting in this moist environment, warmed by a warming pad, taking over the dining room table since Feb 6. While they sit and ponder their future, not really showing any signs of germination, I'm sitting and meditating on the next steps. I'm ready to place these little guys in a peat pellet greenhouse so I can aggravate my wife (she never gets aggravated by me) with grown lights in the dog room (yes, the dining room table we never sit at is in the dog room - don't judge).

I've looked all over. I can find all sorts of fertilizer, planting pots, and an assortment of other things to help me grow these. What I can't find is patience. Whose sells that?


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Patience is indeed the key to germination but unfortunately it is not one of my strengths...!! I feel your pain as I just finished to sow the seeds for my 2022 grow; about 100 jiffy pellets that I will now have to ignore (or try to) for a while!!

You should see some action in the next few days. I'd put my money on Thanos or Clavo Red as their seeds were harvested last fall (fresher = faster usually). Keep the faith mate🤜