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First flower is unusually small


This is the first flower to open on a 7 pot primo yellow. It's about half the size I'm used to seeing from other chinense varieties I've grown.
I pinched and pruned for a while before letting my plants flower. Now, they're forming a lot of buds at once. Also, I moved them outside on the 1st.
Are primo flowers generally this small, or what might be the reason? All i can come up with is: the plant's stored energy is in high demand, being used for many new flowers. Also, maybe the bloom size correlates to the leaf mass (production level of photosynthates).
I'm reading some stuff about the source/sink relationship of carbohydrate translocation.
Nobody has any ideas on this, I guess. That second bloom to the right has opened. It's about the same size.
Today, I applied a micronutrient foliar spray. I've read that repeat applications during bud formation are effective. Last year I did this every 7-10 days, and it didn't hurt my plants.
dragonsfire might be interested in the results of supplemental boron on pumpkins:
I have the Alaskan micronutrients, I think they have magnesium sulfate in them so I might try foliar feeding with it this year.

I havent grown primos, and I dont really remember if the reaper had smaller flowers or not.