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cooking First Time Canning Meat

My first attempt yesterday.
Baked chicken first to crisp the Skin, will probably reduce the skin content next time, allot of fat in their.
CHipotle, Paprika and Garam Marsala. Added Soy sauce and some ACV to the jar once filled.
Found out why they say pack the jar tight, the meat shrinks allot.
Also weird the jars were boiling on the counter for an hour.





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Nice! I do a lot of canning myself. Mainly greens and fruits, always a bit anxious with meat.
Tried a chicken broth with plucked pieces of chicken once and turned out fine. Easy chickensoup! :)
The afterboil looks great and gives some confidence for shelf life.
Annyway, thumbs up for the effort, these kind of skills must be cherished!


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You're good to do that...I'd be🐔 to even attempt that..but you 'CANNED' it.


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Yeah..it's nice to experiment with different food & preparing it in not the "usual conventional way"..and
how things are going here in the USA prices are climbing every day & supplies are limited,so
might be a great idea to preserve meats & similar for the days ahead till this Covid thingy thing
calms down ...it will be here forever IMO just tamer...just my 2 cents FWIW...cheers :)
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