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I've never grown anything at all before, but I love food, especially spicy things. Earlier this spring I ordered some pepper seeds and decided to jump in feet first. So many sprouted that I ended up giving most away to friends!
I'm not growing anything particularly interesting during this first year, just bell peppers, jalapenos, banana peppers, thai hot peppers, orange habaneros, aji lemon drops, and a naga viper I bought from a nearby plant nursery, among other plants like tomatoes, herbs, and a lotus.
I am really looking forward to the hot sauces, stir fries, pizzas, and everything else spicy that I plan to make once these peppers are ready to start producing some fruit!

That's a real nice variety for a first grow. The aji lemon drops can be insanely productive. You should be able to put together quite a few dishes and sauces with your harvest.
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Those are ALL interesting... tried and true and nice balance!
Thank you! To be absolutely honest, I started with a "hot pepper seeds" multipack from Amazon for most of the basics on that list, thinking that I'd be getting some pretty hot peppers! It was only after I'd started with some of those and gotten some nice seedlings that I did some actual research and found out what superhots are.
At that point, I heard about Aji Lemon Drops and was really intrigued by the descriptions I'd read. I started the Lemon Drop seeds only about a month ago and they're tiny. I'm crossing my fingers that I get at least something to try by the end of the season, but if I don't it's my own fault.


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