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oh forgot to say something about what they are. The top 2 are supposed to be 7 Pods and the others are Red Savina Habs. I have 1 Trin Scorp starting to peek through.
nice camera work there omega dude, :dance:
did you figure out what the mystery pepper is yet?

i love pepper porn please keep it coming :eek:
nice camera work there omega dude, :dance:
did you figure out what the mystery pepper is yet?

i love pepper porn please keep it coming :eek:

Not sure what the mystery pepper plants are yet, however I think they are Red Savina Habs due to the fact that the pepper look identical to my labeled ones. Who knows..I probably winded up with Red Caribbean, but that wouldn't be so bad. I love the taste! I'm excited about the 7 Pods since everyone says they taste great.






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Hot damn those things are looking great. I would say that I don't believe that this is your first year growing but I know my first year was the best one I have ever had. Keep it up Omega!
It's been a long time since I posted anything. I thought I would let you know that I have peppers coming out of my ears. My bhuts really love this heat down here. It's been in the upper 90's for a few weeks now, and they can't seem to get enough of it. I'm in the middle of putting all the peppers in the ground since the wife says we look like drug dealers growing weed on our back porch. :) I am kind of disappointed in my Douglah's though because they keep dropping flowers. I'm not sure if they hate the heat or what. I have tried bone meal with no luck. Any ideas?

Yellow Bhut Jolokia

These yellow bhut's are huge!

scorps. they look a like they may have been crossed with somthing because some don't have stingers. Is this normal?




Caribbean Reds LOTS of them

My garden is almost done
Very nice! you shoud have them planted directly in the big white bucket at first transplant... would have save you lots of transplant... unless it,s not good to have a too big pot for a small plant??????

nice work and nice peppers :D
Here's a few pics from this years crop.

Top left Trinidad scorps, right yellow bhut, bottom Caribbean Red

yellow bhuts, red bhuts and caribbean reds

personal powders
I'm kind of backed up on posts. Here's another recent harvest.
lots of habaneros

some of my big scorpions. D battery for reference.