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plant Fish pepper or not a fish pepper?

I got this plant on a lark at a local park greenhouse's fundraiser. It was labeled as a "fish pepper" plant. After looking at other fish pepper plants online, I'm not sure that's what it is. It doesn't and hasn't ever had the distinctive big flowers or striped peppers. I don't have a picture of a ripe one handy, but they turn almost black and then bright red. They never get much bigger than these, though. Any idea what this is?

It got tall much faster than the Trinidad scorpions and Carolina reapers surrounding it, but when I got them they were all the same size. It started fruiting a lot in June, barely two months after I planted it, and it seems to have slowed down just as the reapers and scorpion plants are starting to go. The peppers taste pretty good. They have thicker skin than I expected and pack a good crunch. They have roughly the same burn as a jalapeno, just ballpark.


Just to complete the sequence, here's the final product.

Sow your Seeds out en masse and see if variegation returns. If variegation is seen in the seedlings planted then you have a naturally occurring hybrid. Welcome to the world of pepper art where the artist is often an insect and the hybridizer is the human who takes credit for the find.