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health Flowers falling from plants (carolina+habanero)

hello boys,

got a little issue with my few plants.

The flowers keep falling ! i read somewhere that might be caused by overwatering. Can anyone confirm this ?
If so, how much water should i use for each pot ?

from time to time (maybe twice a week i use fertilizer)

Also any recommendation is welcome :) I live on floor 8 (last floor), so it can get hot and windy sometimes. Take into account that i live in switzerland (so hot is relative, but this week we reached 39 for example...).



this one is habanero too
habanero 2.jpg

these are random pepper seed i planted
misc pepper seed.jpg
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Here are some possible causes of flower drop:

Flower drop probable causes:

1. Day temp too high >95F
2. Night temp too low <65F or too high >85F
3. Too much nitrogen fertilizer
4. Too much water
5. Low light levels (reduces fertility).
6. Very low humidity (reduces fertility)
7. Poor air circulation (air circulation contributes to pollination).
8. Lack of pollinating insects.
9. Size of pot
10. Too much mineral in feedwater.
11. Too much grower attention/anxiety.
The issue i had for my Carolina when flower was just dropping is temperature during night. once i lowered the temperature during night the flowers stopped dropping and started fruiting.