Food Liability Insurance

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for recommendations of a food product insurer. Has anybody dealt with them and can you give me any advice. Thanks!
Nationwide was $500($1M) for a year for me and I am looking around. $1200 is high IMO

I was quoted $425 but all I do is cookies.

No one determines how much you have to carry, but 1M is usually the minimum required by a distributer.

In order to use the shared commercial kitchens in Chicago, they require a minimum of $1M.

I ended up getting a new policy through the Hartford. Around $600 per year for $1m.

What are you selling?
Hey everyone, thanks for chiming in on the topic. I found King Insurance out of Gainesville pretty reasonable. It's for 1-2 million in coverage for a lil over $200, any one interested let me know.

I also found a website for anyone looking to do farmers markets and such at you can do it right from you computer and have it in no time for as lil as $225
In Washington state, workers comp is run by the state. Businesses must buy their workers comp insurance through the state at the rate the state sets (sound like a racket??? yea....I spare you my personal feelings on the subject...)

In other states, businesses can shop for workers comp through insurance agencies just like any other insurance.
racket??, they are the definition of each other.I just started to wade through this aspect, hopefully the enthusiasm will win out over start up costs!