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Fredo's Glog 2019

Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and Sports Pepper from seed. Organic homemade soil grow.
All seeds sat in my fridge for 3-4 years so I finally figured i'd grow them out.
These are the TMS at around one week.

Here are the sports peppers at around one week on transplant day May 23.

All plants except half of the TMS repotted.

Remaining TMS repotted and joined with the group on June 2. Notice the size difference on the TMS (top two rows).

Sports Peppers photo taken today June 7.

TMS photo taken today.

Nice looking plants, Fredo.
In my experience, the Scorpions tend
not to be real large plants, at least in my
climate/weather pattern. That may account
for the small size of your starts.
Is the Sports Pepper an annum?
Sports pepper is an annum.

I pointed out the size differences on the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion because they are all the same age except one group was transplanted earlier than the other which led to the significant size difference.

TMS 3 weeks old.

TMS same age but repotted/thinned 9 days after first group.

Sports peppers 3 weeks old. Starting to stretch. Currently easing them into more sunlight.
Thanks. I've seen some of the biggest cannabis plants outdoors in Oregan. I'm sure they were mature clones to begin with though.

What limits their growth, season? Whats the humidity like btw?
I'm in Florida.
4 weeks old.

Soil drenched and sprayed 3-6 days ago with 2 tbsp 100% cold pressed neem oil mixed with 2 tsp mild dish soap per gallon of rain water with ph of 6.3 in late evening with no direct sunlight.

1/3 of plants were not burned after 3 days. Remainig plants sprayed and they showed foilar damage after two days with same recipe.

Target were gnats and whiteflies. Gnats gone, white flies decreased but still remain.

Plants will be thinned to keep healthiest.

Foilar damage of spray on Sports Pepper Plant:

Other with minimal damage:


After a few days, not one white fly on those sticky traps.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpions:

These TMS are getting trashed:
August 1, 2019
Roughly 2.5 months

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Plants in regular 5 gallon buckets are larger and more uniform compared to nursery pot 5 gallons and 3 gallons.
No notable difference between stock seeds and Chile Pepper Institute seeds.

Sports Pepper
Remained in 0.5 gallon containers. Yet to harvest peppers produced thus far.
Plants are looking great. Sport is fruiting nicely!
4th harvest of Sports Peppers pictured. Harvesting every one to two weeks. Pictured is about 3 mason jars worth of peppers. Some have been given away, all kept are canned for Chicago hot dogs.

Also had a battle against Powdery Mildew and Botrytis on some of my Trinidad Moruga Sorpions. Almost every flower dropped. Sports peppers were not affected. Most likely triggered by two weeks of almost constant raining and flooding in high heat and humidity.

I removed heavily damaged foliage which was a lot, spread the plants out to improve circulation, sprayed with milk, then neem oil and later with garlic up to a week in between, and during that period the area started to dry up. That cured the plants and started new growth where heavily pruned. Now I have another Trinidad that is starting to show botrytis and a hurricane on the way.
Wow. I noticed that I did not follow up on the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion plants.

The diseases and pests finally cleared up and the plants flourised just in time to produce hundreds of peppers.

I found out the hard way that my immediate location has a lot to do with the pests and diseases. In my yard where I grew these it is very damp, even floods, with poor circulation and the neighboring native plants harbor these diseases and pests. As soon as I put a healthy plant out, it seems like every single bug and disease attacks it, which I had no problem with when living in the city. If I was a bug living in Florida where the soil is sand and it seems like all native foilage is inedible, I would jump on fresh young vegetable plants as well.
Now I focus a lot on prevention.

In the end I ended up with more peppers than I knew what to do with. I made sauces, some of which I shared here. I also froze peppers, canned peppers and gave many away.

Here is a current image (04/07/2021) of a canned jar of Trinidad Moruga Scorpions from this 2019 season. ✌


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