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Free Booze !

Man! I lucked out tonight bigtime!! I made a last minute dash to the local package store, before they closed.
Well I'm pretty friendly with the Chinese lady that owns the place. "she never charges me tax!!"
Well she says her security system has been down because the PC that runs it shut down and they dont have the password to restart it,,,
"I'm thinking hack 101 duh"
Long story short .. here is my prize for about 2 minutes work!! :)

Nice score there :D

Waywright, I think you have to be the luckiest guy, and to be able to fix it all and get free booze for a reward. Thats just a, wow, you lucky bastard kind of story haha
Heck yea! She said last time it cost her 500 bucks for them to fix it! and they didnt leave her the pass!
I was like 'what!" I can fix it in less than 5 minutes, for free...when I got done I got free booze! :)
Good work man! Your day was better than mine, I was fixing my boat trailer and put my hand on a freshly welded piece of steel. Now I sit typing one handed with my other hand in a bucket of water. Dam burns hurt. That vodka of yours would sort me out pain wise that's for sure
Enjoy your spoils Wayright.


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it is nice to be rewarded for a good deed...and you, my friend got a very nice reward...