Free Logo, Label and other design services

Hello All,
I am pretty new here but love it here so far.
I am an IT guy by profession and a novice designer/photographer by passion. Have experience designing logos, labels, posters, invites etc so far.
I want to offer 'free' label/logo designs using Photoshop, GIMP etc to anyone who need them here on THP.
I am new to growing peppers and have lot less to contribute in that area. So I thought I could help and contribute in other ways that I am a little good at.
Please message me if you have questions or need help.
I'm not gonna pass up your offer before you get busy. haha.
I'm growing at a very fast pace, and sauce profits aren't high, so let's talk. haha. I'm a simple guy, unique, a different approach to the sauce industry.
No harm done if not. I'm all about helping others too, so you'll for sure get shoutouts, etc if you want them.
PM me and let's chat.