Free seeds international

I'm sending out free seeds to the first 3 overseas addresses that wish to try some of these crosses.
Some of the crosses you will receive:
VSRP x Poblano
VSRP x C. chinense dominant 'Morangum'
Scarlett's Chili x Anaheim....100% annuum
Everything has a chance of carrying variegated genes, but don't expect variegation till the next generation.
VSRP = C. annuum 'Variegata' x C. baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach'.... 
I would like to see photos and receive some seed back if possible. But no worries regardless. Just have fun growing and realize these are true f1 so the real magic won't be seen until the next generation.
b3rnd said:
Sure, I'll give them a try. Sounds pretty cool!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
I have a soft spot for the Netherlands having been there several times... expect few extras in your mail! I hope you enjoy them and you realize the true beauty with these recessive traits will not show till the next generation.
Suffice it to say, they all have variegated and purple genes as well which I personally love. Large stuffing peppers with stripes and beautiful purple flowers... I will hope for the best for you as you will have all the genetics you need to meet that goal.