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Free SFRB Fresh Peppers - Guessing Game Contest - US Only

Hi All,
I'd like to give away an SFRB of fresh peppers with the following contest. Its a simple guessing game, Each member will get one guess of a number between 1 - 100.  If there is not an exact guess, the member with the closest guess will be the winner. If there are 2 members tied (example - member 1 guesses 55, member 2 guesses 57, and the winning number is 56, the member that is "under" the actual number is the winner (in this example member 1 would win)
The contest will run from now until 1pm EST tomorrow (7/19)  I will attempt to send the box out tomorrow afternoon (its all ready to go now) if I can get the winners address by 2pm EST (I know its not a lot of time)  If not I will send out Thurs, most likely box will arrive on Saturday.
US members only (sorry international members) and there will not be any edits allowed.  Please make sure you look to see if the number you are wanting to guess has NOT been posted before you do.
Also to make this a little bit more fun, I'd like each guesser to 1) post their all time favorite pepper and 2) post the pepper they are most excited to grow next season.
I will use a random number generator tomorrow after the contest is over to determine the winner and I will PM the winner (and post the winner here)
Good luck!
1. Favorite pepper is Yellow Brain Strain, for both the heat and the flavor.
2. Next year, I am looking forward to growing the Purple Viper Naga from Hippy Seed Co. It just seems interesting and different.
Thanks for the contest.
I pick 54.

Fav. currently is a red Fresno, I like to cook with them.
Next year- any type I can get my little hands on. Already up to 10 types. :)

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Guess = 49
Favorite Pepper = Rezha Macedonian Pepper
Next year = Urfa biber
I'll go with 17.

My favorite is probably still the 7-Pot Red, my intro to superhots.

And for next year, it'll be the Yellow Brainstrain....tried to grow them this year, but something else came up.
thanks for the contest! haven't had any fresh peppers in about a year now. I'll go with 57. My favorite pepper is the MoA Scotch bonnet, but unfortunately I'm not growing any peppers, or much of anything for that matter because of medical school 
I’ll pick my birth date since I had a less than great birthday… maybe it will bring me some luck this time!  :cool:
My favorite is also the Bahamian Goat.
I’m mostly looking to grow a chocolate habanero type next year called ‘Swiss Chocolate’ that I didn’t get to grow this year because I misplaced the seeds (but later found much too late). I’ve read it has exceptional flavor amongst habaneros.
Thanks for the great contest!
neat contest  :party:
I choose number 11
currently my favorite pepper that I have grown is: Jobito x Bbg7  - Yellow
most excited to grow next year: Trinidad Cherry yellow x Pimenta Puma 
I'll guess 99.

Fave all time would be bonda Mahala. Just has such a wonderful flavour.
Not really growing anything different next year, but really excited to see what I get from the possible chocolate nagabrain x 7 pot Primo I've got.