for-sale FRESH PEPPER POD SALES any interest in SFRB sampler ?

Is anyone looking for a variety box at this time?..
This is a great opportunity to sample several kinds of peppers before you grow them, and collect some seeds at the same time :)
There are some uncommon peppers as well as some more common ones available.
A little bit of everything from mild to superhot
I can get a SFRB shipped out  Tuesday 09-04-18 or Wednesday 09-05-18
Random selection from the following below, or pick what you want and I will accommodate requests for more or less of specific types where available.
 I cannot say just how many will be in the box as it depends on which peppers you would like, but your box will be FULL.
shipping to lower 48 only please
I am asking $16 Paypal  for a mixed SFRB
shipping and tracking # is included in the price. 

BOC x Aji Pineapple
Aribibi Gusano x Pink Tiger
JRGS x BBG7 (elongated)
Scotch Brain
Yaki Blue
Aji Jobito
Major Pain x Yaki Blue
Pimenta Puma
Orangegumtiger MAMP

Aribibi Gusano
Orangegumtiger MAMP (extra dark foliage)
Aji Jobito x BBG7 (choco)
Thunder Mountain Longhorn (Orange? probable unknown cross here )
Orange Thai
CGN- 23258
BIH x Sugar Rush (Orange Pheno)
Wiri Wiri Round
Gator Jigsaw F2
Death Spiral
Berry Amarillo
Yaki Orange
Peachgumtiger MAMP
7 pot Primo
Chile de Onza Amarillo
Mini Rocoto
Trinidad Cherry yellow

Pimenta Puma x Reaper F4 (3 different phenotype)
if you are interested in purchasing a box of peppers please PM me directly.
if you have any questions please ask them here.
thank you,
thank you for purchases, the following peppers are no longer available;
Yaki Blue
Pimenta Puma
Death Spiral
Mini Rocoto
Trinidad Cherry yellow
OrangeGumtiger MAMP {extra dark foliage pheno}
Aribibi Gusano
Bih x Sugar Rush
Berry Amarillo
Aji Jobito x Bbg 7 Choco