annuum Fresno in Korea via Vietnam > hotter than Squid Game ๐Ÿ˜†

I bought a pack of what I believe are Fresno. I read the Vietnamese were mainly growing in that area. I also believe someone took it back to Vietnam and it's crossed with local prik to become around 400k. These are perfect. I think they are solid and taste great. Nice thick and juicy wall. A mini jalapeรฑos with a good kick. I would say its the best all rounder I've tested. I think it might be called Hanoi Red . But I bought from a vendor selling here. I'm gonna grow and maybe Ill get seeds out in a few years. I don't charge and its a pleasure to share. I hope people might try them. Or cross with a Superhot. I previously crossed a Jim Duffy mouruga with Maldivian heart and it was amazing. I think the properties of the fresco make it a good candidate for crossing. Have a great day. From the Squid Game land.


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