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pics Friend or Foe - The Pepper Frog!!!

Just kidding, I know he's a friendly. Ride 'em, Froggy! :halo:

Frogs and toads that live in my front yard are free to live a prosperous life. If they make it to the back yard though...I keep an eye out for two types.
Cuban Tree Frog which is poisonous and the invasive Cuban Tree Frog.

The terrier instinct of my American Staffordshire's come out and if they don't get them I expel them from the yard. The regular treefrogs I see at night will live to see another die but the others......


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We had a crabapple tree, on campus, that had the first crotch rotted and hollowed out. Every night there would be over a half dozen tree frogs, sometimes over a dozen, that would emerge from that hollow and crawl around on the oversize windows of the dayroom, eating whatever they could catch.. After a little singing in the tree. Changed my perspective on tree hollows, to say the least.
There were a few people in there who would kill other animals, for whatever reason, but no one messed with those frogs.