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Frost damage - still edible???

We had the first frost last night and it came kinda surprisingly - at least to me. Today I noticed that some peppers on plants that were okay yesterday were kinda soft to the touch, obviously caused by the frost. They look okay though.
This is the first time this has happened to me, so I am wondering if the peppers are still good. I wouldn't freeze them, but would it be okay to make concentrate from them? I'd be losing hundreds of pods if your answer is no, so please be kind, but tell the truth.
personally, I think if you deal with them right now, it would be no different than using fresh thawed pods...

I would definitely go for it Chiliac...
That's what I thought, but didn't want to suggest it. I'll make concentrate from all of them all day tomorrow and keep them in the fridge until then - thanks once again, AJ!

Any further opinions are welcome though!
They should be fine, just a little mushy. I tell people they are "ice-chiles" and that they are worth more $$:shocked:
Or you could make a big batch of Chili. Nothing goes better with frost than a big pot of Chili and a frosted mug of some good beer.
I'm afraid that even my biggest pot wouldn't be big enough! I agree though, fine weather for some hot chili - I think I'll make some this week, didn't have any for weeks now!!!
I canned 3 pints after the first bad frost killed my plants and I give them away to my guinea pigs....uh I mean friends LOL and they said they are simply awesome! A little mushy but great when you put 1 or 2 in a pot of soup or chilli or beans or ......... :lol: