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Funny thing happened on my way to see the Docs...

I guess I should start in the beginning...
Judy told me she was going to send me some powders a week or so ago.
I didn't want the DEA,Homeland Security,FBI,CIA,Nuclear regulatory commission etc. fiasco to happen again like before.
I immediately notified all the agencies I could think of including telling the P.O. mail person that another shipment of SOMETHING HOT was going to arrive soon from Judy.
I thought I had covered ALL bases.
Well,I saw that our Mail Lady was delivering the mail in a Hazmat suit.
I knew Judy's package had arrived.
I slowly walked to the mail room expecting a ton of G Men to pop out of somewhere to arrest/hassle me or ???
Nothing happened,Mail room personnel were wearing their hazmat suits and handed me my mail with their 10 ft. tongs.
So far,everything must have accidentally fallen into place.
Now the other shoe drops...
I'm really excited and happy now,I didn't get hassled AND I had something I KNEW WOULD BE GREAT from Judy.
I was running late for my scheduled PET Scan so I just went from the mail room to the bus stop.
(I guess you can see where this is heading.)
WELLLLL,I am lucky enough that the Express is the first bus at the stop.
(Express only stops at main streets,not the ton of other stops inbetween,I'm running late,Express is WAY cool).
But it is overcrowded as usual.
People knocking you over whenever the bus brakes etc.People stepping on your feet etc.
(Actually they can't knock you over,packed so tight you couldn't fall anywhere but up).
I decide to kill time I'll open my mail to see what Judy sent.The rest of my mail was addressed to my roommate,Resident Occupant...
Well I'm beyond happy when I open the LARGE bubble envelope.
A LARGE bag of 7 pot Lava red and LARGE bag of 7 pot lava yellow.
I've only heard the names online.Supposed to be GREAT stuff!
If the bus wasn't so crowded I'd have opened up the tripple wrapped powders,there just wasn't room to move on the crowded bus.
As the bus went on it's way to the first stop,I noticed a LOT of people must have been sick with colds or the recent Santa Anna winds were causing a lot of caughing etc. from a lot of the passengers.
I started to get concerned,I just finished 6 rounds of Chemo and my white cells are really messed up,I might have major problems if I get sick from anything.
First stop is coming up and I notice a lot of people are wanting off,COOL,Less sick people to give me something AND maybe I can get a seat and taste some powder.
IT SMELLS Soooo Gooood!
I notice almost everyone that gets off the bus was in the area I was standing in on the bus.
COOL,I get a seat!
I'm 1/4 -1/2 way to Kaiser...
I can't resist,I open the first bag for a finger full of powder to taste.
I think I got the yellow first,not sure.
Whooo YAAA!
Great stuff,XLNT taste and a nice building up burn.
Then I HAVE to taste the RED.
Great taste etc.
I'm in heaven and don't notice that at the last stop EVERYONE ELSE on the bus got off.
Don't care anyway. :)
I'm in heaven!
I go for a couple more tasters.
By now I Hear a bunch of chatter on the drivers radio,I never pay attention to it,when I'm bored I have in the past and it's stuff about road conditions,broke down buses ,some drunk pissing on the bus or similar stuff.
Well I'm 1 block from my stop and I notice the driver is driving kinda strange,breaking for no reason,weaving in his lane,and he keeps staring at me in the mirror.
Woodman comes up and I get off at Kaiser.
I get off and start walking to where I have to go.
I hear some commotion behind me and look back.
The bus driver is on his knees outside the front door of the bus and people get on the bus and quickly get back off.
When I get to the front entrance of Kaiser (around the corner and on a side street) I hear sirens and see a ton of cops passing by the intersection.
I'm a block+ away,can't see past the intersection.
I wonder what that is all about - bank robbery?-MAYBE In and Out across the street got robbed?
Who knows...
I'm late for my appointment...can't go back and watch the show.
I check in at the Pet scan place - radiology or whatever.
As I fill out the forms I notice a lot of the people in the room must be early chemo patients,ALL of them are loosing their hair in clumps like I did.
Lots of people dropping clumps of hair on the floor,caughing and rubbing their eyes.
They must have all had some kind of lung cancer or something,they were all caughing and had runny noses and watery eyes.
Kinda made me feel not so alone in my fight with my Cancer treatments.
I find out Thurday if Cheno worked or if I need further treatments.
On the way home,takes a 2 bus ride.
BUT the busses soon emptied out within a stop or 2 after I got on.Very cool,I usually NEVER get a seat.
I got one on each ride today.Things are going great.
Lots of room so I can easily dip a finger in my powders for more tastes.
Very cool day in general for me.
I also got a new perspective on a bus drivers dedication to their job.
They still drive even when they are sick.
ALL the drivers seemed to have a cold or something on the ones I was riding today or had allergies from the recent Santa Anna winds blowing stuff around in the air...
Must have been a bad day for the cops.At almost every stop I got off at they passed me by going who knows where with sirens on,en mass.
I never get to sit down on a bus ride to Kaiser.
I gotta go there for the scan results Thursday.
Maybe I'll bring the bus driver a bag of my smoked London broil and a little of July's powder as a thank you for being so dedicated to their job.
Think if I bring powder and smoked goodies I'll get a seat on an empty bus?
Thank you JUDY for your gift to me.
It means a lot!
It'll make my hospital food edible AND best of all,you put me in a better state of mind by caring about me.
Lots of stress these days,THANK YOU,more than words can say!
Judy has been a friend for a long time.
I couldn't see a simple thank you on the Pepper People are the Best thread as acceptable.
I'm not the best Author or whatever.
She does a lot of people right and I LOVE giving her credit where credit is due.
I never thought about it,Powders on the bus.  LOL 
Hope everyone enjoys the story,I tried to be creative. :)
Better than that,she has a BIG heart and cares about people like me that she never met.
IF I have to make a bucket list,I think a visit to meet her will be #1.
The DHS can suck the worst, most sour lemon imaginable imo.

assholes tampered with a package i ordered from china, a simple liebig condenser. If anything had broken i would have lost my shit.
Chris,we have both been friends for a LONG time.
So has Judy.
Probably before THP.
I never paid attention.
Don't get on any ones ass for being miss informed about the reason I posted as I did-reality, I don't understand where Queequege's post came from...
It just detractracts from the original post.
The whole reason I posted as I did in public.
I guess some people don't like my sense of humor and my whole hearted love of the friends I have gained over the years.
Several people I have met online I'll never meet.
But they have been GREAT friends to me for a LOT of years.
Judy and Chris are only a drop in the bucket,Though they are 2 of the people who mean the most to me not just right now but for quite a while.
If you REALLY think my story was totally FACTUAL,I got some valuable land to sell you cheep...
Enjoy my post and take it as I intended it to be.  
A thank You from a good friend and something to amuse the public.
Judy , Chris and the mass of friends I've met online were my friends Long before I got sick.
They aren't my friends because of anything else but I am me and they are them.
Judy has sent me stuff just because she felt like it before ,same with several other people I've had the pleasure to meet online and eventually in person through pepper sites such as this one.
Haha! What a day, and what a story! The end was not as I expected, no third degree encounter with THE FORCES!  
So, is not hard to you (smokemaster) to imagine when I opened the envelope you sent me, with the powder, at the customs post office. Probably because the envelope spent almost 3 months on the way (weird, huh?), the powder was not so strong, and probably not so much (and this makes you not less great), and I didn't opened the powder bag to stick my finger in it, the man from customs made no trouble for me.
Thanks for the story, and thanks for the powder too!
Like I posted,I've met several valued  friends on the net.
You are one. :)
You know that already....
Glad you enjoyed my story.
I tried to put a different spin from my last storiy about Judy's gifts to me.
It seems I did succeeded. LOL
Great story Smokemaster. When I first discovered THP a couple years ago I was seeking advice on how to fix my unhappy manzano. I started to notice a common theme in my searches. There was Smokemaster giving solid advice on pubes. I want to thank you Smoke for your contributions that first brought me here.
You earned my respect and gratitude long ago. Stay on top my chile friend, and take it easy on the poor bus people LOL.
Get well Mike.
WE ALL LOVE U.... for who you are .. always giving and caring man...  and we all want you well 
we know you are a strong man and will get over this soon and fast...
I am keeping you in my prayers all the time....
I had a bad mood going today. Serious problems. Just wasn't happy. Then i encountered this thread. Good thing, too, because i was really worried about... hmmmm.... i seem to have forgotten what i was so hag-ridden about....

If you can't find a publisher sane enough to publish this, please print copies of it and leave them in the waiting room where you have been, so other patients can chance upon them and read this story.

Just a thought... you've got a gift.
Ya know that, before reading this story, I was convinced that the other story was true? Yeah, you can laugh even with your ass, this is not because I am naive (avoiding other words...), but because Mike's talent.
Judy, send him more powder! :rofl: