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Wow that was great Gaby. I don't know how you keep coming back for more bites so fast! I usually just eat them whole from the start and it is once and done. You truly are a rockstar!
I logged on just to comment on this.
In one word... RESPECT!!!

Girl, you held your ground very well.
Congratulations :)

There is a girl called Gaby
She has a face of a Baby
She eats hot pepper like candy
Which can color a face Burgundy
When Justin just sounds like a Tubby.

(No offence meant to Justin buddy)



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Amen to everything that has been said.... :clap: :clap: :clap:
Damn, You've certainly got a set on you. My wife would beat me if I asked her to video tape herself eating something that hot.
Nice job.
I'm starting to think eating a hot pepper in one bite is an easy way out LOL. Finishing off a 7 pod in pieces like that is on another level.


Hey Justinero the show must go on! :D