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plant Galapagos pepper plant


So, I have this mystery pepper plant (small round pod pic). What I though was a wiri wiri, I now believe to be a Galapagos pepper. It is white haired pubescent. I had some problems with dropping leaves and they're weren't a lot to begin with. It dropped a lot....I thought I was doing everything right. Problem was, though I thought I wasn't over watering, I think I was. I haven't watered it in about a month and it's doing well now. Maybe it needed that long to bounce back, idk. I read from the "very" limited information that they are very finicky, and because of the hairs, they tend to soak moisture from the air....

Anyways, has anything grown this plant and have any knowledge with it?

Not sure if the peppers are really culinary either but it's a very pretty plant (when it's not sick). It really produces well either but then again, she wasn't very happy. Was thinking of growing a couple more of them when some pods ripen for trial and error.



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I don't know what in God's green peppers this is then. Maybe the pod I was given was premature and not fully developed. I guess I'll just wait for the pods I have to fully develop and then go from there
I'm not sure from looking at it either, though I just posted a couple pics of my galapagoense in the wilds thread including a closeup picture of a flower and maybe that will help you compare and see why I think it might not be. PICS How did you come by the seeds originally?

The best way to get comments on what it might at this stage is probably posting a close up picture of an open flower from the front. If it's been through some stress - you mentioned it dropped leaves - which can make it's growth and foliage look different that normal, making ID more challenging. It looks cool, whatever it is and I bet the pods have a good kick to them. I often dry pods like that and crumble them like flakes to add to food.
Yeah, I saw those pics of yours earlier. Definitely doesn't look the same. White flower same but that doesn't narrow anything down....

I bought some Peruvian White Habaneros though Sherwood seeds, they sprung up chiltepins. I complained, they sent me pods instead of seeds to compensate, plus a yellow habanero of some sort, the cayenne in the pic above and the other round pod. No indication of what any of them were and I've asked them about it through messaging but they won't get back to me. They probably just had a box with random pods and dumped them in the shipping box, so not expecting anything positive.

I tried the pod after I took the seeds. It has a good kick to it. Only one of the 3 sprouted.

I think the plant still needs time to bounce back after all the stress. It's finally growing more leaves after the reduction of water. Once some flowers start, I'll take a better pic. Thanks for your input. It is appreciated.


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So in addition to my initial post. I got sick of being disappointed with leaves dropping every time I "mildly" watered it. I repotted it into medium mix I made.

It's was massively compacted. Pieces on roots we're rock hard and had to use pliers to break or just rip some roots off. I didn't do any rinsing..

I counted the leaves on the plant after I repotted it, cleaned up the area, gave it a healthy watering. The next day it had new growth. I only lost one leaf surprisingly so far (1 week) and my long-standing 3 green pods are finally changing color now.

So, I'm assuming poor drainage and lack of air was the culprit. Never had this issue before...