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hot-sauce Galito's Peri Peri Sauce (hot)

Thought I'd start off with one of my favorite mid level heat sauces. Per Peri is not a pepper I was familiar with, but because of this sauce it has made me search out others sauces with it in it.
However unlike some of the other sauces I've found, Galito's seems to find the perfect balance that highlites all the great flavor that the peri peri offers, but tames the heat just abit.
Next to Kato's Island sauce, this stuff is my Franks/Tobasco.

Ingrdients: water,vinegar,onion,herb's & spices,lemon,oil,peppers,brown sugar,garlic,peri peri's,stabilizer.

Heat level(for me) is around a 6
Here's a pic of the sauce