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Gambleu's 2022 winter pepper

Hi. Although not new to pepper growing it's my start to THP. I'll try to maintain a decent log of my grow/experimentation, as i'm trying to figure out the best way to grow peppers in my northern canadian climate

Currently, i'm in my first try at overwintering. I have saved 4 habanadas feom last season. All have different growing condition.

My first 2 are simply in front of a south facing window. Currently i have about 8 hours from sunrise to sunset and weather is often cloudy/snowing

The one on the left has been dug out of the ground so both leaves and roots suffered a severe haircut. The one on the right was in a pot all summer long so only a minor root cut followed by transplanting was required. So far the healthier of the 4 by far, currently flowering and even having 3 pods growing.

The other 2 are in my basement under grow light. I know my setup is shabby but i count on santa to have better equipment... they receive 18 hours of light daily

Number 3 on the left has always been growing in that pot so onlya leaf cut was done upon entering the house. For some reason he seems to have suffered deficiencies new shoots were yellow and stunted. At first i tought it was iron deficiency so i applied chelated iron but it didn't help so i tried calcium sulfate wich was followed by leaf greening the following day


Las one has been uprooted from the ground so has suffered a major haircut both up and down. For this one i tried a mix consisting mainly of coir with maybe 20% regular potting soil.

This one is having the same symptoms so he's also having a calcium supplement. Since his medium is mainly composed of coir i'm also considering givin him epsom salt.

That's about it for now. We'll see if anything survives winter


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I'm running a similar setup to you.. But I don't see any fans in yours? They are very important indoors, for my setups.. Yours seem to be doing good, so maybe I'm wasting my breath.
I've also learned that Chinense are easy to drown indoors, in the winter, as are many peppers.

Either way, looking good!
Basement ones have a fan i randomly turn on to blow on them, window ones doesn't (wife will not aprove further invasion of the living room...) as for watering, i wait until the pots are light before watering and even then i go easy on water
I wish you luck for your overwintering project! Seems like they all have good conditions, my first overwintering in a similar climate was just using a south facing window and that worked out fine :).

Also how do you like the Habanadas? I'm considering adding to my 2022 grow.
Best of luck I hope the over wintering of your habanada plants goes well it's fun that there's always something new to learn and wish you every success.🙂
Most went into a fermented habanada/peach sauce wich is fantastic ( wife sais she would drink it). I really liked the few that i munched but i never chewed an actual habanero to compare.

Those are not totally heat free. There is a liiiiiiiiitle heat in the placenta. My kids can definitely feel it and do not like it but it doesn't burn, just a litle sting so you know there is something.