greenhouse Garden Box Green House ideas ?

Weve had a Smokey summer due to Forrest fires , and a lot of people around here are also struggling . Pollinated Flowers are just starting to come on strong right now . October should get to freezing by the 3rd week or fourth depending on how it goes . We are going to try and green house the potted ones . But the garden box ones are doing twice as good so id like to take them into October as far as possible. Garden boxes are about 8 feet by foot and a half . Has anyone ever made a inexpensive cover for them to try and squeeze a bit more time out of them ? Dont have room to dig em up and bring them in so this is probably my only option . Any ideas or pictures ?
Make a hoop house. Also called low tunnel or high tunnel depending on how big they are.

It's basically clear plastic sheeting stretched over bent PVC. Pretty easy and inexpensive to make.


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Leeboy said:
Thats easy enuff .... what mil-thickness of poly is that approx? Thanks for the reply
Not sure. I think usually somewhere between 3 and 6mil, donning on what's available and how heavy duty you want it to be.
I made 2 small hoop houses last year very similar to that....For one I took some12-16 inch rebar and drove it into the ground...went and bought some PVC pipe (think its 1 inch or so)and just bent the pvc over the garden bed from one stake to the other. For the second I had one 8ft piece of PVC left so I cut it into 8 inch pieces and drive them into the ground...I I cut downsome Tag Elder Saplings long enough to bend over the garden bed and just stuck each end into the opposing hole of the pvc. The second truely is a poor mans version but more then did the job and is still nice and strong this year. I will pull the plastic over it at nights starting in the next week or 2 as its already dipping into single digits at night here.