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Gnarly/Wicked Pod Page

Just thought it would be cool to post pics of the coolest, gnarliest, wicked pods you've either seen or grown! Here's some that stand out to me.

#1 Crazy Bhut grown by Todd

#2. Crazy Brainstrain red

#3. Crazy Yellow Brainstrain

#4 Crazy Reaper



Yup, those are some wicked pods Mill!
These pods are already looking so evil, they need to be baptized in holy water!!!

I need to remember to take pictures of my ghost that seriously rivals the Ghost Scorpions in terms of "WTF, THAT THING WILL EAT MY SOUL!" looks. Also got a peach ghost that looks like f'ing pacman.
Here is my dense Morovas plant.

Time for a break from the chinense.
This is a Zimbabwe Bird Pepper. I'm have four of these plants. The other three have 5mm pods that grow upright, but this plant the pods are 4 times bigger and just as hot.