chinense Good Looking scorpion

Great tate and  good looking
What do you think?  no tail...


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I see that he is a bright little boy. The shape and color are pretty too.
In my case, I never grew peppers for their physical appearance, just for their taste. Even the level of spiciness is somewhat less important. I like that it's hot, but not that it burns my face.
Each of us cultivates for our own reasons. If you love your scorpion, that's what matters. If it tastes good, it will already be a perfect business for you.
Enjoy it and tell us about your experience!  :lol:
Wow, it's very different!
I don't usually leave plants from one year to the next. Years ago I made it with orange habanero (regular) and the fruits were smaller and had a more intense color, almost red.
I also did it with moruga because I read that the plants give better production the second year. In the moruga case, the fruit always had the shape of your pods now, but I did discover that the production is much higher.
Anyway, the anxiety to try new varieties causes that every year in winter all the plants cut down.

I wish you enjoy it.

If a can i leve plants for the next year, for me i don´t change much the production it's the same more or less, (leve in the same container cut part of the roots and put new soil till next year) peppers i think the max age that i have it's 3 or 4 years bell pepper its easy to do 4 years.
yap, this plant in first year was close to other plants... don't know it's cross pollination but the seeds for the 1 fruit give a pod chapped differently :party: lets see...
Good luck :clap:
This year change the plante to the ground and the pods are a little different :confused::lol: