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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. It's sunny and 68F, on its way to 91F. The heat wave continues. Well, we're down to that last 5% in the garden section rehab. Gonna be stuck there for a bit. It's the last row, and I'm putting in two 8' raised beds that we bought. Of course, I have to put them together first, lol. Probably work on that today some. Need to cut some grass as well. Getting ready to fire up the smoker for some ribs to take over to Mom's. Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday. Be safe out there and drink lots!
Good morning. It's 77F on its way to 91F. Mostly sunny. I had an early morning business meeting that finally just ended. Worked on weeding the entire garden yesterday ..... completed that. Noticed some cherry tomatoes are starting to turn colors. I'm going to harvest the first of the zucchini today. I plan on grilling some tonight. Today is mowing day ..... I'll get started on that in the next hour. Futzing after that. Got out some steaks to grill this evening. Beverages will be consumed. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. Water at the CG in a few minutes, meeting up with the newer gardener to discuss ‘garden stuff’. Lunch with friends, then whatever back home in my little garden cave. I’ve been pulling larkspur from everywhere - they are beautiful but way too tall and abundant this year. The neighbor is fighting morning glory sprouts - he won’t make that mistake again.
Have a great start of the weekend. Harvest those veggies like Harry, lucky for you. Stay hydrated.
Good morning. It's sunny and 76F, on its way to 95F (RF 103F). Definitely summer. Did nothing but run the smoker yesterday. Too hot to do anything else. I'm heading down to the garden in a bit, to water mainly. Then back up to the house and off to run errands. Will take some of the 'que over to Mom's for them to enjoy. Have a freaky good Friday. Be safe out there and respect the heat.
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Good morning. It's 76F on its way to 91F. Very humid and partly cloudy. Mowed yesterday and grilled last evening. Grilled some whole onions and some zucchini last evening. Catherine: Your CG friend seems very ambitious. I couldn't deal with the number of fruits from 6 eggplants and 10 squash plants. I picked 4 zucchinis yesterday and by the time we finish those, there will be another dozen ready (and I only have 2 plants!). 6 eggplants are way too many .... unless you've got a market stand. He'll learn real quick.
Today is my wife's anniversary .... 38 years. Running some errands today. Looks like WM and the beverage store. Futzing after that. Lenexa BBQ party tonight. The kids are coming down tomorrow for an anniversary and belated Father's Day party. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 73F, on its way to 97F (RF 105F). That's pretty hot in these parts. Heat Advisory continues in effect. I actually did all the things I set out to do yesterday. Unusual, lol. Today, I'm not sure what's on the agenda, especially with this heat. There's still things to do out there, but none of it sounds like much fun. Happy anniversary, indeed, to Mrs. Dangler. Did you get smoke in your eyes last night, Harry? lol. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there, and respect the heat. Drink plenty of water.
Good morning. It's 79F on its way to 96F. Cloudy, breezy and hot. Harvested 4 more zucchini this morning. Hopefully I can give them to the kids. DR: Lots of smoke got in my eyes last night :rolleyes: .
The kids should be down here by early afternoon. I'm probably futzing until then. I'll have the beverages on ice and ready to go. The boss has decided it's going to be a pizza party .... I'll be doing pizzas on the grill. Hopefully it will be cloudy enough and we'll be able to have the festivities out on the screened in porch. Not much else is going on today. Be safe and be good.
Morning. My knee has been not good for some time. It’s feeling good today. May go for a walk up in the mountains. We got 3/10 of rain yesterday. Nice showers and lightning. Snow is melted high above. Should be nice and cool up there. I don’t suspect any mushrooms yet at that elevation. We’ll see. Might just pack my gear and stay the night if I feel like it.
Good morning all. Busy day yesterday, followed by a relaxing day today. Reading a good book and doing laundry is all that's on my agenda for today, and I am very much looking forward to it.

Have a great day everyone. Don't get overheated in the sun.
Goof morning. It's sunny and 76F, on its way to 93F. 50/50 chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. We sure could use the rain. Too hot yesterday to do much of anything. Did some mods to a new smoker. Might fire it up in the next few days. Off to water the garden in a little bit. Not sure what's after that, besides looking up the A/C guy's #. Yep, the air conditioner stopped working last night. Making an awful noise. Should be a toasty day! Hope everybody has a peaceful and restful Sunday. Be safe out there and try to stay cool.
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We had our AC go out last year, and it took a couple of weeks for the replacement parts to come in. And of course, it happened right in the middle of a heat wave. So we had a pretty rough time, especially our dogs. I wound up sleeping with them in the basement a few of those nights. I hope your AC issues are able to get fixed much quicker.🤞
Good morning. It's 76F on its way to 93F .... same as DR. No chance of rain this afternoon. I started watering15 minutes ago. It will take most of the morning to complete. We need the rain. Seems like we get a 6" downpour and then it doesn't rain for weeks. Dumb extreme weather. The WX guessers are struggling .... their forecasts go something like .... there might be storms, hail and tornadoes ..... what kind of forecast is that? Then nothing materializes. :banghead:
I'm partied out from yesterday .... relaxing today. Watering and futzing is on the agenda. Having some beverages and sitting in the pool this afternoon. Frying some blue catfish this evening. Be safe and be good. Intentionally not saying much about anybody's AC .... don't want to jinx mine .... other than sorry to hear about your issue DR. :rolleyes:
Good morning. It's 77F on its way to 103F (rf 109F). Most sunny and superhot. Hottest day of the year so far. Watered yesterday .... some of the garden was starting to wilt. I just went out and picked a couple more zucchini, some lettuce, some jalapenos and some cherry tomatoes. Also, picked and ate the first ripe blackberry. It's mowing day but the yard doesn't need it. Too damn hot to mow anyway. Staying indoors and futzing. The only time I'm going out is to get in the pool. BLTs this evening. Beverages too. Be safe and be good.