Good Morning from the Northwest!

Hi everyone!
I've been lurking through the site over the past few weeks in search of information and growing techniques and decided to finally join up!  Have grown a few peppers over the last few years from starts, and finally decided to take the plunge this year and invested in a decent grow setup, some new seeds (albeit from PepperJoes) and am learning a new lesson on patience - and to think I had patience before....
Hoping to start a Grow Log on the appropriate sub-forum to help myself keep track and share the experience with others, and would love everyones input and suggestions helping a new grower!
Here's a little skinny on the setup, will share more in that specific thread:
4x4x7 Grow Tent
Viparspectra 1200w LED Light - 18/6 Light Timer
Lasko ceramic heater (set temp ~77)
100 Seeds planted, ~10 different varieties


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Welcome from the Methow.