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Got my lease today

Awesome!!! Definitely a lot of work ahead of you, but $5, you can't beat that! I paid $15 for a 20' x 20' plot at the community garden. It does have water on site though, and they did till it for me at the beginning of the season, so I'm not complaining.

Hope you'll continue to post pictures of your progress.
The only thing growing on that piece of ground these days are the grass and number of truck loads of dirt!

Mostly a matter of facing reality - that being it was going to take hours to till enough space for 100 tomatoes and even then, the ground would still have more than enough rocks.

This guy - the one who tried to plow it, does excavation work and was looking for a place to dump the dirt. We both talked with the village officials and they said it was fine with them, as long as the dirt wasn't contaminated. He hopes to add about 8" and then add a thin layer of aged horse manure. If he gets it done by early September, I'll sow either winter wheat of crimson clover for a cover crop as well as a green manure.

If things work out, I could easily have 1.5 acres to garden next year.