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Grass Snake 🐍 in the garden

Who are these guys? :hmm:
Very cool. I like what your doing. Keep use posted. Great idea on utilizing the cider blocks.
thanks! Here’s a couple pics of the garden as of today. Growing in cinder blocks has its pros but also cons as I quickly learned. I expected things to get a little crowded but I wasn’t expecting the challenges of watering once the plants started to grow. You have to get under the plants to get water to the roots zone because the foliage of the plant doesn’t allow water to get down to where it’s needed. Also the blocks will dry out faster so needs to be watered more frequently. I suspect the concrete is absorbing a good amount of water too which isn’t good, especially when your trying to grow in a hole that is roughly 1 gallon in size. Oh well live and learn.
I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that cinder blocks could possibly leach out heavy metals and other unfavorable things over time. Not sure how true that is but at this point cinder blocks get a 👎🏿 from me.
A drip line installed would probably help address some of the issues with growing in cinder blocks but it's just not worth the trouble honestly.
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