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grasshopper plague

Anyone have a way to avoid total devastation from what seems like a grasshopper plague I have going on? The unusually moist spring and now summer seem to have exploded the population of hoppers beyond what we usually get this time of year. I've considered spraying but the rain every other day will probably wash some off but maybe I'll kill the ones who do munch while it's still on there. I usually let nature and it's natural predators take care of things like with the aphids and the ladybugs but nothing seems to be controlling the gazillion grasshoppers around my garden. Any ideas? I've read Sevin bait will do them in. I could spray but a lot of my peppers are fruiting so I hate to. In most years the population seems to spike then they die off and all is good. I don't see terrible damage yet but they are thick in the peppers. They seem to be eating grasses and other things in and around the garden/yard. I'm afraid what will happen is one day all is well and then BAM! Naked plants.
I agree with a soil drench over a plant spray.
Grasshoppers start out in the soil.

There is a bio thing that works but it has a very SHORT shelf life and only comes in large amounts.

There is a granular poison but I don't like it much.
It sounds too nasty...
I used it only by putting it in a container(similar to a roach motel).
Something bugs can get into but doesn't get watered etc.
I didn't like it because I find too many dead bugs around and I think birds etc probably eat them.
Stuff says rain doesn't mess with it but it has a warning about if fish get it it will kill them.
My other dog used to snoop dead grasshoppers and crickets.
I only used it once.
If you want to pay postage you can have the stuff.

I'm too paranoid about my pooch eating a few dead hoppers or whatever to use it again.
Heidi tastes everything,spits most out BUT I don't want to take the chance.

Lily Miller Grasshopper,Earwig and sow bug bait.


Bio bait-$40.lb...


Supposed to REALLY great...
13 week shelf life,FROM FORMULATION (when was your bag made?),the fridge increases it.BUT 1lb. treats an acre.Thats a LOT of pots... LOL
How long before the soil drench gets into the leaves enough to kill the hoppers? Or is it to kill the hoppers before they emerge? Since the hoppers live for a month or two that makes me still concerned about the adults swarming around. I neglected to mention I garden in the ground if that changes anything.
We have something called "lubber grasshoppers" down here in south Georgia.  They are huge, they're everywhere, and they eat everything.


I was spraying neem oil on my entire garden at least once a week, earlier in the summer.  That seemed to keep them away.  But with all the heavy rain we've had lately, the neem washes off as quickly as I can spray it.  I've had to fall back on other methods, but nothing has been effective as the neem oil.  You just have to spray regularly and pray the rain doesn't wash it off.

Garlic barrier works as well, and doesn't require as much application.  I just worry about garlic barrier messing with the flavor of my produce because it soaks into the plants and remains there much longer than neem.

You can also use DE (diatomaceous earth).  Sprinkle it dry on your beds/topsoil.  Mix it in with dry potting soil between waterings.  You can also lightly dust your plants with it.  You can even get foodgrade DE so you can apply up to, and including harvest day.
Another solution, which I failed to implement, is planting barrier plants that repel the pests you struggle with most.  Specifically I've read that grasshoppers don't like cilantro.  I planted a BUNCH of cilantro this year, in/around my beds and pots.  Unfortunately I ate most of it, and the heavy rain killed off what was left.  I will definitely be planting some more next year though - and I'll plant enough to last this time.
Jezuss dm! that's a hell of a hopper. Put a leash on it and walk it around the block! I'm watching the plants to see how much damage they are up to. So far not much. But with the multitude of hoppers I just hope everything else around tastes better and they leave the peppers alone for the most part.
If nothing else, pick them off  and put a net over the plant(s). Nosema locustae containing bait is arguably the best option around edible plants as it only effects grasshoppers, not pollinators, animals or people, but it is slow to take effect.
I too have found that cilantro repels some pests, but it didn't keep some beetles and a "few" grasshoppers away, though it could be that mine has already bolted and started drying/dying out for the season weeks ago., there is very little green on any of it.